Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Consumer Fraud - car repair - save $$$


Recently a major car repair company offered to repair a car for $130 in labor and the cost for the part.  The consumer was told that the part is only available from Mazda (which is true).  The consumer was also told that Mazda charges $790.00 for the part,  and the repair facility had no control over that, as they cannot get the part from an OEM (original equipment manufacture) or another supplier.  The consumer thinking that there is nothing they can do about it, approves the repair.  

Before the part is received, the consumer calls several Mazda dealers and is told that the price for the part is $420.  That is list price without any discounts.  They are also told that is the list price for ALL Mazda dealers to sell to the public.  Obviously, the price sold to a repair shop is around 20% less, and the repair shop makes a 20% profit on the part.  So, the consumer called the repair shop to stop the repair.  The repair shop stated that then there is a 25% restocking fee!  When the consumer agreed to the repair, they were told the part was not going to be in until the next day.  

I had a fit when I heard about this, and quickly informed the repair shop of the problems.  The repair shop agreed to let the consumer purchase the part, and the repair shop would replace it for the same labor charges.  This saved the consumer about $400 on a $550 repair.  

Do not assume that because a part is "being supplied by the Manufacturer" that you are paying the right price.  Always get a second opinion.

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