Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Unemployment in Illinois

I just won a Board of Review decision with the Illinois Department of Employment Security (unemploymnet).  My client on his own argued that he was discharged, but not for his fault.  The Appeal division denied him benefits.  He retained me, and I drafted the necessary argument that he was entitled to benefits.  The Board of Review agreed and gave him his full benefits.

The client did not know the basics of the law, and what it takes to be victorious with the Department and the Board.  His facts were complex, and at the hearing, the opposing attorney was confused which caused more issues.

Unemployment benefits are a special area of law.  As a past judge of the Illinois Department of Employment Security, I am well versed on not only the law, but the procedures and organization of the Department.

It is a pleasure to serve this client who tried on his own to get his benefits.

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